You can download generally available version for free or support me and get access to the pre-release!
Be aware: To play the mod you need Minecraft!
Alpha 1.4 - Basic
This version contains all basic features:
  • Turn your minecraft into Real-Time Strategy
  • Select blocks, dig and build with a mouse pointer
  • Blueprints system with a GUI and an editor inside the mod. Build an entire village in a few clicks!
  • More default blueprints
  • Professions system
  • Village management system
  • All released and coming features you can find here
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Alpha 1.4 - Patron version
Support me and get access to special Patron-only release and other rewards.
All basic features and:
  • Unlimited blueprints editing
  • Custom exclusive blueprints (coming soon!)
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Alpha 1.5 - Pre-release
Support me and get an early access to any future pre-release and other rewards.
All previous benefits and:
  • Real survival mode! Collect resources and spend them to build something
  • Smelting! Hire a blacksmith and smelt anything
  • Survival crafting system for your village
  • When pawns collect resources in Fortress Survival mod they go directly into your inventory
  • You can use the craft menu to craft new items from the ones that you have in your inventory
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See it in Action
How to install
General installation instructions you can find here.
Video instructions are easier to understand:
1. With Vanilla launcher
2. With CurseForge launcher (this one is much easier)
How to play
Basic gameplay description and instructions you can find here.
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