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Turn your Minecraft into strategy

MineFortress is a real-time strategy mod for Minecraft that allows you to manage and grow your own village. Always wanted to play Rimworld or Dwarf Fortress in Minecraft? Please welcome MineFortress!
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I have been playing Minecraft since early 2011 (Beta 1.6) and spent hundreds of hours in it. However, from the very beginning, I was dreaming about turning this game into a real-time strategy! Still, play in old vanilla Minecraft, but manage the group of people trying to survive together. A picture is worth a thousand words!
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Advanced building system, trading, economy, massive combats... We have a lot of ideas. I hope you are too! Join our Discord server, suggest and discuss new features. Make your dream mod come true!
Developing this mod takes a lot of effort. However, we develop and distribute it absolutely for free. Become our Patron! Show your support, help us keep working, and take benefits as an early sponsor!
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