Game Rules and Concept
On this page, we briefly answer the question: How to play this? We will add more instructions soon!
left-click - start dig selection
right-click - start build selection
middle mouse button press or hold sprint button (ctrl) - rotate the camera with your mouse and fly around like you would in a normal Creative mode
Z - cancel latest task
ctrl + Z - cancel all tasks
General conception
This mod introduces strategy-view to the game. Mod packed as a "Fortress" game mode: you can choose this game mode when creating a new world or switch to it using the "/gamemode" command.
Fortress Gamemode
When Fortress Gamemode is active, the camera rotation angle is controlled by the game, and the mouse pointer is released.

X camera rotation depends on the height of your current position above the ground: when you are on the ground, the X rotation is 0, when you are 30 blocks above the ground, the X rotation is 90 degrees.

The released mouse pointer can be used to select blocks to build and destroy. Left-click is used to select areas to destroy, right-click is used to select areas to build.

When a world is generated, you spawn with the three pawns around you. You immediately can fly above the ground and give instructions to your pawns.

Known issues:
Sometimes, after the world creation, the camera is stuck with a zero X Rotation angle. To solve the issue, exit the world and then join it again. The camera will start to behave normally.
With the information above you can start to use the mod. More information and details coming soon!
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